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This image demonstrates the Plagiocare 360 concept of comprehensive care for plagiocephaly

Comprehensive Care All Under One Roof

Plagiocare was created as a solution to the current chaotic system. At Plagiocare, your child's entire team is under one roof and care are is led by our world class pediatricians, physical therapists, and orthotists.

Image demonstrates world class doctors treating plagiocephaly

World Class Doctors and Experts

We understand the difference a doctor makes. At Plagiocare, a comprehensive treatment plan is created specifically for your child by our team of board certified pediatricians, physical therapists, and cranial specialists.

image demonstrates State-Of-The-Art facilities for the treatment of plagiocephaly and torticollis

State-Of-The-Art Facilities and Equipment

Don’t expect a typical doctor’s visit when you come to Plagiocare. Our revolutionary, state-of-the-art facilities and upbeat environment are setting the standard, not only for the treatment of plagiocephaly, but for healthcare in general.

Our story

Over the years, we watched parents travel around New Jersey from consultation to consultation with doctors, physical therapists, and helmet companies, resulting in confusion and conflicting opinions. We knew there had to be a better way.

Plagiocare was created as a solution to the current chaotic system of plagiocephaly treatment. At Plagiocare, your baby’s entire team is under one roof, where care is led by our world class doctors. A unified treatment plan is created by our specialized team of doctors, physical therapists, and cranial specialists, to provide care as a team throughout the entire process. Don’t expect a typical doctor’s visit when you come to Plagiocare. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide an upbeat environment with fun music and yoga style physical therapy studios, making the experience as comfortable and convenient as possible.     

What Parents are Saying About Plagiocare

Alyssa Ro
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My son was diagnosed with plagiocephaly/brachycephaly at around 4 weeks old. All 3 doctors were very thorough in explaining what steps we should take to best benefit my son. Doctor Choe has great bedside manner and takes the time to get to know your baby. They do not pressure you into a helmet unlike other helmet companies. They more educate you as to what the facts are and then let you make the decision yourself. The best part about this practice is that everything is under one roof! They do the physical therapy there, scan the babies head to find out the severity, and also supply the helmet at a more reasonable price. Sarah, the PT, is absolutely amazing. She’s very personable and eases any anxieties you may have. My son had torticollis as well and after about 10 sessions is almost completely cured. I 100% recommend plagiocare to any parents who are unsure as to what to do next. You won’t leave here with any questions. The front desk is more than accommodating with any needs or concerns you may have prior to your visit.
Jennifer P
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The doctors in this office are amazing. They made my son and I feel so comfortable throughout the whole process. My son had moderate plagiocephaly at 3 months and while other offices pushed a helmet, Dr. Anderson has recommended other therapies before jumping to a helmet. She monitored my son for 3 months by scanning every few weeks and doing PT for torticollis. At the end of the 3 months, she gave me the great news that his head rounded out and we no longer needed a helmet! It was nice that I saw an MD and not just a clinician trying to sell you something. The office is beautiful and the staff treat you like family. I highly recommend Plagiocare!
Stephen Simon
Stephen Simon
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We had such a fantastic experience at Plagiocare. The doctors were amazing, friendly and knowledgeable. Our little boy has a perfect head now. Couldn't have been more pleased with this experience.
Rachel Cooperman
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What a wonderful facility and beautiful office. The doctors and staff here are just fantastic!

The Plagiocare Video

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Approximately 100% of children with plagiocephaly have some form of torticollis

When physical therapy is indicated, it can reduce the risk of severe head deformation by 46%.

Physical Therapy for torticollis should be started when your child is 7 weeks of age

Positional plagiocephaly is exactly what is sounds like: plagiocephaly caused as a result of head positioning. The infant skull is made of five bones that are held loosely together by fibrous structures (cranial sutures) which allow the rapidly-growing infant brain to expand. When you think of a newborn infant lying on one side more than the other, you can imagine that the head would tend to move and shift from the unequal external pressure resulting in positional plagiocephaly and the appearance of a flat head. This form of plagiocephaly is not associated with any underlying brain abnormalities. Almost 50% of newborns develop some form of positional plagiocephaly within the first few weeks of life. With early diagnosis and proper treatment, only about 10% of children with positional plagiocephaly will go on to require helmet therapy to correct their head shape. With early and proper treatment by a team of specialists, your child’s Plagiocephaly and facial asymmetry should correct to a level that is normal.

The chances of your baby needing helmet therapy will be increased if your child has severe plagiocephaly or if treatment was started later than recommended. If helmet therapy is prescribed, Plagiocare utilizes Orthomerica’s STAR Family of Cranial Remolding helmets – the most prescribed cranial remolding helmets in the world!  The helmets are custom fabricated for each child and shape the head by using your baby’s natural skull growth.  Certain areas of the helmet are designed to hold the current head shape as it is, and other areas will allow for growth creating a more rounded head shape.

The STAR Family of Cranial Remolding Orthoses has been used to treat positional Plagiocephaly, Brachycephaly, Scaphocephaly and other head shape deformities in infants 3-18 months of age since 2000. Over 300,000 infants have been successfully treated with the STARband®, the first cranial remolding orthosis with FDA clearance available to O&P practitioners across the United States and around the globe. And now, Orthomerica has received FDA clearance for the STAR Family of Cranial Remolding Orthoses to be used for cranial remodeling after craniofacial surgery.

Before Helmet Treatment

image of child's head before treatment with a starband cranial helemt for plagiocephaly

After Helmet Treatment

The image demonstrates a child's head after treatment with a Starband cranial helmet

Almost 100% of children with plagiocephaly have some form of neck stiffness or instability referred to as torticollis. When indicated, proper physical therapy for torticollis has been shown to reduce the incidence of flat heads and severe head deformation by 46%.(4) Turtle Academy is our physical therapy program designed specifically for children with plagiocephaly and torticollis. The yoga style studios are staffed by torticollis experts and overseen by our specialized, board certified pediatricians.

​The Turtle Academy is a physical therapy program designed specifically for children with plagiocephaly and torticollis. Our private and group therapy studios are staffed by Torticollis experts and overseen by Cranial Expert Pediatricians. In addition to the specialized expertise provided in Turtle Academy, the fun music and optional group therapy classes make this enjoyable program the only one of its kind. 

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Plagiocare donates a portion of all proceeds to The Plagiocare Foundation. To learn more about how The Plagiocare Foundation helps children and parents dealing with facial deformations click the link below.

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